Pokemon - Gold Version

Start game: Enter/Shift
Move: arrow buttons
Select buttons: A, S, D, Z, X, C

You can customize the control by click the settings icon in the emulator. You also can save/load the game by using the button bar at the bottom of the emulator. Enjoy the game!

Even after all these years, in many aspects, Pokemon - Gold Version still holds up incredibly well. Entering Goldenrod again for the first time in the middle of the night brought on a wave of nostalgic feelings and memories for me, a wave of liquid I wanted to then drown myself in. The soundtrack in this game is easily one of the best on the hardware. As well as the incredible art direction and sprite work on display for all 251 Pokémon, obviously these games weren't a graphical marvel by any means. But considering what they accomplished given the hardware -- it was impressive, to say the least. Something about night in this game, for example, was oddly comforting to me and was my preferred time to play at. I think it's the little details, such as the windows being lit up.

Pokemon - Gold Version
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