Metal Slug 3

Start game: Enter/Shift
Move: arrow buttons
Select buttons: A, S, D, Z, X, C

You can customize the control by click the settings icon in the emulator. You also can save/load the game by using the button bar at the bottom of the emulator. Enjoy the game!

The horrible General Morden was defeated after forming an alliance with strange aliens to overthrow the world's government, but in the amazing Metal Slug 3 your two-man team Rossi and Roving are sent to wipe out the remaining Morden forces. However, when they arrive in Morden territory they find that the forces are too well organized and suspect the the mighty Morden is still alive and controlling the forces. Blast, shoot and destroy all enemies that you find and hunt down the deadly Morden to destroy him once and for all! For those that had a deep thirst for blood that this game didn't manage to quench why not try other amazing titles from this badass series, like Metal Slug Advance, Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug and the extremely violent Metal Slug X!

Metal Slug 3
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